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Neighborhood Being Hit by Petty Thieves

Well Dorothy,  this ain’t Kansas.  As some of my fellow Monte Serenoeans know, we are having a slight hiccup here in our fair town.   It seems we are being hit by a series of petty crimes.  Maybe I shouldn’t call it petty, especially if the crime has happened to you.

For people not familiar with our town, we are probably one of the best crime free cities anywhere.  So that when any crime happens it truly sticks out like a sour thumb. The crimes seem mainly to be break-ins with the typical scenario being that the victim and his family are out of town for a few days.  The thieves  seem to do the same thing each time, cut the phone lines (i.e. alarm system) and jack up the garage door or enter through pet doors.

I think that we as a group need to be more vigilant to what is happening in our neighborhood.  We all need to communicate with our fellow neighbors and the police each time you go out of town, letting them know to keep an eye on your place.

Also, if something seems strange to you, i.e. car driving slowly around our streets, stranger walking up to different homes and looking around, lights on or doors open on homes that are supposed to be vacant, or what ever, spend a few minutes, jot down license plates, take photos (with you phone if available), and call the police.

By doing these simple things, we can get this great town of our back to normal.  Please feel to add comments to this blog with your thoughts or ideas.  Share this blog with everyone you know.  Feel free to email me with any other ideas for blogs that you may have.