Hello world!

You know the old saying, today is the first day of your life.   Well, in a sense this is my first day, first day writing a blog.  I want to apologize in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors.  I am writing this blog at 11:52 pm and haven’t had any coffee since this morning.

Your probably asking yourself, why is this crazy Realtor writing at this late of night.  Hmm, maybe because I am slightly crazy  (just kidding).  No, its more because like most people I sometimes do my better work at night.  No distractions from kindly friends, cellphones playing rap music  or s someone trying to sell me a “How to get rich in real estate without leaving your bed” seminar.

But seriously, I just wanted to drop a few lines to introduce my self, let people who don’t already know me get an insight on who I am and what I can bring to the community that I live, work and play in.

I have been living in the Great State of California for almost all my life.  I truly believe that California is a great state.Even with all its faults, I feel there is no better place to live then here.  Not only am I privileged to live in this great state, but am blessed to live one of the most ideal parts of this Great State, the San Francisco Bay Area.

I live in the southern part of the Bay Area and have done so for over 30 years.  My household consist of my beautiful gal Mary and our two “kids,” Maura and Guinness.  Actually I should tell you my kids have four legs, that is four legs each. They are the two cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels you will ever meet (what can I tell you, I am slightly biased about that).

Oh my, I just realized it’s getting real late and I have a early meeting tomorrow morning.  So what I am going to do is end this first blog with a “to be continued” as the last line.  But do come back for part two.

PS:  Have a Happy and safe New Year.

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